Kyber Network

In the example below, we'll fetch a rate and then trade WETH for MLNon the Kyber Network.

This example requires an environment instance as described here.

import {
} from '@melonproject/melonjs';
// your hub address
const hubAddress = '0x05263237f43190ce0e93b48afb25dd60a03ad3c5';
// the address of the fund's manager
const fundManager = '0x0b64bf0fae1b9ffa80cd880f5b82d467ee34c28e';
// declare an instance of the fund's hub to access the spoke contract addresses
const hub = new Hub(environment, hubAddress);
// the address of the fund's trading contract
const tradingAddress = hub.getRoutes().trading;
// specify the gas price (refer to
const gasPrice = 30000000000;
// the address of WETH,
const makerAddress = environment.getToken('WETH').address;
// which we'll trade for MLN
const takerAddress = environment.getToken('MLN').address;
// amount of the makerToken that you'd like to swap for the takerToken with 18 decmials
const makerQty = new BigNumber(100).multipliedBy('1e18');
// declare an instance of the KyberNetworkProxy contract
const priceChecking = new KyberNetworkProxy(
// an object shaped like: { expectedRate: BigNumber, slippageRate: BigNumber }
const rate = await priceChecking.getExpectedRate(makerToken, takerToken, makerQty);
// We'll next submit an order by preparing a transaction and pushing it through the normal pattern
// declare an instance of the fund's Trading contract
const trading = new Trading(environment, tradingAddress);
// the amount of the taker asset as implied by the rate returned above
const takerQty = makerQty.multipliedBy(rate.expectedRate);
// assemble an orderArgs object to pass to the takeOrderFunction
const orderArgs = {
makerAsset: makerAddress; // address of the makerToken
takerAsset: takerAddress; // address of the takerToken
makerQuantity: makerQty; // amount of the makerToken
takerQuantity: takerQty; // amount of the takerToken
// Create the adapter instance
const adapter = await KyberTradingAdapter.create(environment, exchange, trading);
// Create and execute the transaction
const transaction = adapter.takeOrder(fundManager, orderArgs);
const opts = await transaction.prepare({ gasPrice });
const receipt = await transaction.send(opts);