Querying Fund Metrics

The Accounting contract exposes a number of query methods you can use to investigate a fund's metrics and holdings.

This example requires an environment instance as described here.

import { Accounting, Hub } from '@melonproject/melonjs';
// your hub address
const hubAddress = '0x05263237f43190ce0e93b48afb25dd60a03ad3c5';
// declare an instance of the fund's hub to access the spoke contract addresses
const hub = new Hub(environment, hubAddress);
// the address of the fund's accounting contract
const accountingAddress = hub.getRoutes().accounting;
// the address of the fund manager
const fundManagerAddress = '0x1e28b0d5edc7b1acad5abf4a048b5a1f6493673f';
// the Melon token object
const melon = environment.getToken('MLN');
// create an instance of the fund's accounting contract
const accounting = new Accounting(environmnet, accountingAddress);
// an array of objects shaped like this: [ {address: string, amount: BigNumber}... ]
const fundHoldings = await accounting.getFundHoldings();
// an object containing the fund's financial metrics - see below for an example
const calculationResults = await accounting.getCalculationResults();
// a number representing the historical maximum number of assets the fund owned
const maxOwnedAssets = await accounting.getMaxOwnedAssets();
// a number equal to the length of the owned assets array
const ownedAssetsArrayLength = await accounting.getOwnedAssetsLength();
// the address of the asset in a particular index in the owned assets array
const specificAsset = await accounting.ownedAsset(index);
// an array of addresses of all currently owned assets
const allAssets = await accounting.allAssets();
// a BigNumber equal to the fund's holding of a specific token, in this case MLN
const mlnHoldingAmount = await accounting.getAssetHolding(melon.address);
// a BigNumber equal to the fund's default share price
const defaultSharePrice = await accounting.getDefaultSharePrice();
// the address of the Fund's native asset
const fundNativeAsset = await accounting.getNativeAsset();
// the fund's latest Gross Asset Value as a BigNumber
const fundGAV = await accounting.getGAV();
// the cost of 1 share of the fund in MLN
const shareCostInMLN = await accounting.getShareCostInAsset(
new BigNumber(1),

The CalculationResults object returned from accounting.getCalculationResults is shaped thusly:

CalculationResults {
sharePrice: BigNumber;
gav: BigNumber;
nav: BigNumber;
feesInDenominationAsset: BigNumber;
feesInShares: BigNumber;
gavPerShareNetManagementFee: BigNumber;