Fetching Prices

For various purposes, including calculating fund return metrics and share prices, the Melon Protocol fetches on-chain prices for all available assets once a day and saves them in state. These prices are accessible via MelonJS using query methods exposed by the KyberPriceSource contract on the mainnet and the TestingPriceFeed contract on the rinkeby or kovan testnets.

This example requires an environment instance as described here.

import { KyberPriceSource } from '@melonproject/melonjs';
// the priceSourceAddress
const priceSourceAddress = environment.melon.addr.KyberPriceFeed;
// declare an instance of the KyberPriceSource contract
const priceSource = new KyberPriceSource(environment, priceSourceAddress);
// There are a many methods exposed on this contract instance.
// We'll lay them out below
// the MLN token object
const mln = environment.getToken('MLN');
// the BAT token object
const bat = environment.getToken('BAT');
// the WETH address
const quoteAssetAddress = await priceSource.getQuoteAsset();
// returns the unix timestamp of the last pricefeed update
const lastUpdate = await priceSource.getLastUpdate();
// returns a boolean indicating whether the last price feed update was successful
const valid = await priceSource.hasValidPrice(mln.address);
// makes the same call as above on an array of tokens
const multiValid = await priceSource.hasValidPrices([mln.address, bat.address]);
// returns {price: bigNumber, timestamp: date}
const mlnPrice = await priceSource.getPrice(mln.address);
// returns an array of price objects like the method directly above
const variousPrices = await priceSource.getPrice([mln.address, bat.address]);
// returns a boolean if this asset pair exists in the price feed
const weirdPriceExists = await priceSource.existsPriceOnAssetPair(mln.address, bat.address);
// returns the { price: BigNumber, decimals: number } relative to the pair passed to the method
const mlnBatRate = await priceSource.getReferencePriceInfo(
// returns the number of BAT you'd get for 10 MLN as a BigNumber
const mlnInBat = await priceSource.convertQuantity(
new BigNumber(10).multipliedBy('1e8'),