Creating the Environment

The Environment class provides the context for all the functions you'll call. Its constructor function requires the network on which you're working (this will be a testnet of some sort or the Ethereum mainnet if you're cooking with gas) and a deployment config file that specifies the addresses of the current Melon Protocol contracts, the ERC-20 tokens that are tradeable on Melon, and the exchanges upon which they're traded. There are example deployment JSON files at the end of this Building Blocks section.

const { Eth } = require('web3-eth');
const { HttpProvider } = require('web3-providers');
const { DeployedEnvironment } = require('@melonproject/melonjs');
// Instantiate the environment where you'll create your fund
const eth = new Eth(new HttpProvider('', {
confirmTransactionBlocks: 1,
const deployment = fs.readFileSync('./deployment.json');
// pass eth, the networkID, and the deployment to the DeployedEnvironment constructor
// for networkID: Mainnet 1, rinkeby 4, kovan 42, local 4447
const environment = new DeployedEnvironment(eth, 1, deployment);